• Our principle therapeutic and teaching method

ABA Therapy

Behaviour therapy is at the core of what we do at Safe Center. Employing evidence-based behaviour analytic methods, we are able to identify a student’s developmental priorities and create an individualised program accordingly to target behaviour for increase: such as communication, and behaviour for decrease; such as self-injurious behaviour.  Research has overwhelmingly shown the correlation between Behaviour Therapy and improvements in IQ, language skills, and academic performance. Through the use of rigorous data collection, we are able to measure the effectiveness of each program, tailoring as necessary to suit individual needs. Holding a BCBA, BCaBA, or RBT our Behaviour Therapy is provided by Board Certified Professionals.

Behaviour Therapy is provided for students as an additional after school services. These additional sessions run between 2pm-5pm. These afternoon sessions [between 2-5pm] are also available to the general public, however we do have a limited number of appointments. Our behaviour therapists are able to provide assessments and treatment plans for children, adolescents and adults with a broad range of diagnoses. Please contact us should you wish to make an appointment or get more information.