Our Curriculums

At Safe Center we offer a choice of two curriculum’s, ACE and K12.


“The Autism Curriculum Encyclopaedia (ACE) is the culmination of over 35 years of research and practice… The ACE provides an interactive database containing assessment tools, lesson plans, teaching materials, and student performance reports for over 1,300 skills. The ACE is designed to provide teachers, administrators, and other school professionals with easy access to applied behavior analytic procedures and an effective and efficient way to aggregate and understand student performance data. Every lesson plan within the ACE can be customized to the learning profile of the individual student being taught.”  (The New England Center for Children, 2015). The ACE program is offered for students who are currently lacking the developmental ‘core skills’ necessary to progress toward a solely academic curriculum. Core skill areas targeted include: discrimination, communication, social, self-help, health and safety, recreation and physical education, community and vocational skills. Typical ACE curriculum’s run at Safe Center include: attending, identifying objects, answering ‘WH’ questions, tracing, reading and writing, and tooth brushing. Each student will have individual curriculum’s selected to match their unique needs.


With a 1:1 approach to education that is individualised to each student, K12 is an accredited academic program recognised by the Ministry of Education, and worldwide. Specifically tailored to facilitate the needs of children with learning difficulties, the K12 provides an engaging online content and hands-on manipulatives that complement. Each student will work with a learning coach to facilitate their progress through daily lessons. The K12’s interactive teaching method allows learning to happen anytime, anywhere. Subjects taught vary depending on student ability but can include: Language Arts/English, Math, Science, History, World Languages, Art, and History.