Afternoon Center

Our afternoon program caters to adolescents between the ages of 13-18 years, running from 2pm-5pm. This afternoon program works from the ACE curriculum and focuses largely on vocational skill training. Outside of the ACE curriculum goals there is a large focus on leisure, social, and daily living skills. With the aim of providing a holistic therapeutic environment for our students, all staff are trained in Makaton Sign Language, PECS, and Proloquo2go and employ these as necessary for our students. Our afternoon program also actively practices sensory integration, a necessity for our students. The afternoon program has two SEN teachers and two teaching assistants; all staff are trained and receive ongoing training on how to effectively deliver and/or modify curriculum’s for our students. During the afternoon program, students receive both 1:1 OT and SLT. This afternoon program is overseen by our resident BCaBA as well as our BCBA consultants from the NECC.